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Nov 21, 2010

Administration Law

In its broadest sense, administration law is the law that regulates the structure, fuctioning, legislation competence and the organization of the administration. Within the scope of this definition, it is primarily essential to determine the concept of "administration".

Firstly, the concept of "administration" indicates the bodies, institutions, and the organizations of the state. Secondly,  this term is used for stating the specific functions and the activities of the state. Thus, the concept of Administration Law specifies all regulatory, restrictive and guiding rules used for the execution of the duties both in the specific bodies, structures and the institutions of the state and also in the institiutions and the organizations of the government.

In the field of administration law, disputes arising from many proceedings and the contracts may be the subject to administrative cases;

Annulment of illegal proceedings can be accomplished by the administrative judiciary bodies through an ACTION FOR ANNULMENT.

Another common type of case in administration law is FULL REMEDY ACTION. Through this case, remedies of an "infringed" right or compensation for damages are requested. The types of full remedy action are as follows:

  • Claims for compensation
  • Claims for restitution
  • Cases of tax
  • Claims arising from administrative contracts

Administration law is a branch of law that is constantly developing; and in order for you to adjust to this development we, as the Günal Law Office staff, are here to provide you with the necessary support regarding the problems you face in the field of administration law.