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Nov 21, 2010

Maritime Law

As a sub-discipline of Commercial Law, Maritime Law is regulated under the fourth book of the Turkish Commercial Code and issues the commercial transactions taking place on the sea. In other words, the legal relationships between persons that arise from the navigation of the merchant ships generate the scope of this area of law. Also covering the relationships in the international arena, Maritime Law aims at resolving disputes arising between persons and organizations form different states.   

The main topics that are covered within Maritime Law are as follows:

  • Registry of ships
  • Real rights over the ship

          -Property of a ship

          -Ship mortgage

          -Legal usufruct over ships

          -Maritime loan

  • Association of ship owners
  • Freight contracts and termination of freight contracts
  • Bill of lading
  • Rights and responsibilities of the carrier
  • Contract of affreightment
  • Sea accidents
  • Rights of the ship and load claimant
  • Marine enforcement law
  • Marine insurances

As Günal Law Office, we are ready to provide you legal consultancy and service regarding all kinds of problems you may come across in the area of Maritime Law.