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Nov 21, 2010

Labor Law

Labor Law can be divided into two as "Collective Labor Law" and "Individual Labor Law". The ground principles of this area of law also indicate its close relation to the constitutional system. The principle of "social state", which is adopted in the second article of the Turkish Constitution, generates the essential basis for labor law. Considering the fact that the laborer is economically dependent on the employer, the social necessity for the laborer to be protected by law appears as a result of this same principle of social state.

One of the means of protecting laborer is the application of the principle of interpretation for the benefit of the laborer on the resolution of disputes arising from Labor Law. In addition to the fact that individual labor law adopts law of obligations as a source, labor law also comprises rules that have public law properties regarding issues such as health of the laborer and labor safety.

The main topics under Labor Law can be presented as follows:

  • Formation of a employment contract

          -Employment contracts with fixed term and with indefinite duration

          -Full-time and part-time employment contracts

          -Trial and non-trial employment contracts

  • Termination of employment contracts

          -Annulment with duration

          -Annulment with justification

          -Elapsing of the time in employment contracts with fixed term

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