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Nov 21, 2010

Contract Law

"Contract" is one of the most frequent used term of daily life. Whether they are written or oral, the contracts are the basis for the debtor-creditor relationship. Contracts are defined as  bilateral legal acts and they generally establish deptor/creditor relationship.

There are basicly two kinds of contracts:

  • Contracts on law of obligations
  • Contracts on civil law.

Contracts on Law of obligations establishes debtor/creditor relationship and one of the parties at any rates, incurs the dept.

In the debtor/creditor relationship liability is a very delicate matter. There are many types of liability, this liability for instance

  • liability for individual
  • liability for assets
  • under this title limited liability
  • unlimited liability
  • tort liability

Civil law contracts are the contracts of:

  • family law
  • inheritance law
  • law of property

If one of the parties of the contract does not carry out the specific performance, loss will occur. This impairment can either be material or moral. If this loss is not covered by conciliation then remedies will be obligatory.

We can mainly list contracts as follow:

  • sale and purchase contracts
  • franchising contracts
  • donation contracts
  • barter contracts
  • leasing contracts
  • loan contracts
  • service contracts
  • freelance contracts
  • construction contracts
  • contracts of pledge