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Nov 21, 2010

Criminal Law

Being under public law, criminal law bears significance in protecting human rights regulated under modern Constitutions, international agreements and under the bylaws of NGOs. Thus, it has an essential importance in regulating the sanctions regarding the violation of those rights. Moreover, criminal law is an area of law where protection of human rights shall be handled with care and precision.

Crimes that are regulated under the Second Book of the Turkish Penal Code are gathered in the following headings:

  • International crimes
  • Crimes against persons
  • Crimes against the society
  • Crimes against the nation and the state

Beside these crimes lying in the Turkish Penal Code, there also various crimes that are regulated under special statutes. The processes that are to be encountered regarding the crimes regulated both under the general and special codes are as follows:  

  • Protection measures
  • o Caption and Custody
  • o Arrest
  • o Forensic control
  • o Search and confiscation
  • o Inspection of communication through telecommunication facilities
  • o Emissary investigators and their appointment
  • Compensation claims arising from protection measures
  • Statement and interrogation
  • Defense
  • Inquirement
  • Denouncement and complaint
  • Filing the public action
  • Intervention to the public action
  • Execution of the court decision
  • Special adjudication methods
  • Conciliation and confiscation

Adopting respect towards human rights as a principle and executing practice in the light of this principle, as Günal Law Office, we are prepared to provide you our legal support and assistance regarding all issues arising from criminal law.