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Nov 21, 2010

Inheritance Law

Inheritance Law, which is regulated under the third book of the Turkish Civil Code, comprises the rules that embody the legal circumstances of the assets when a real person dies or a situation that is legally considered as similar to death occurs. 

When death, disappearance or presumed death is at stake, the rights that a person own and the relationships that he/she is a party to will be transferred. Under this perspective, it is apparent that Inheritance Law obtains an objective and a subjective meaning. In the objective sense, the subject of inheritance law is the assets of the dead person, namely the estate. On the other hand, the subjective aspect of the Inheritance Law is the title by descent. 

The main topics under Inheritance Law are as follows:

  • Achieving certificate of inheritance
  • Specific bequest and appointment of heir
  • Appointment of substitute heir and Appointment of posterior heir
  • Contract of renunciation of the inheritance
  • Disinheritance
  • Testament
  • Action for annulment of testamentary disposition
  • Action for reduction
  • Succession of heritage
  • Disclaimer of inheritance
  • Community of heirs and the termination of the community
  • Action for recovery of property
  • Contracts over hereditary share
  • Equalization in heritage

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