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Nov 21, 2010

Trademark and Patent Law

In the information age that we live in, the economic, social and cultural development of the societies find their source in idea generation and thus, in technological novelty and innovations. The existence of an effective patent system is regarded as the key element of both domestic and oversea economic development. An efficient protection of the intellectual products would encourage the innovative outputs and therefore, would trigger technological novelty and development. As a consequence, this would generate an essential criterion for the foreign investors while electing a country to initiate investment. The transfer of technology that would appear as a result of the protection of intellectual products will promote increase in the rate of growth and the foreign trade volume of that state.   

In order for the innovations, designs and services to gain personality and thus to enable them to be distinguished in the relevant market, the enterprises are exploiting trademarks that possess the properties of being promotional and representative.

Under Trademark and Patent Law, the main topics that we can provide you legal services with are as follows:

  • Registration transactions

(National Patent Application - International Patent Application)

  • Termination of the right arising from patent/trademark

          -Expiration of the protection period



  • Actions to be brought before the court in case of infringement of the rights arising from patent/trademark


  • a) Declaratory action
  • a. Declaration of evidence
  • b. Action for declaration of infringement
  • c. Action for declaration of non-infringement
  • b) Actions for performance
  • a. Action for prevention of infringement
  • b. Action for termination of infringement
  • c) Actions for damages
  • a. Action for material damages
  • b. Action for damages for pain and suffering
  • c. Action for damages for esteem
  • d) Action for replevin

The essential crimes that are regulated under the Trademark and Patent Law are as follows:

  • False declaration of identity
  • Removing the signs on the product or on the package that indicate that the trademark or the patent is under protection
  • Introducing oneself as the patent/trademark applicant or the owner unjustly
  • Disposing on the right of trademark/patent unjustly

Apart from the work areas presented above, Att. Kübra Köksal, as one of the partners of Günal Law Office, gives service as a brand representative.        

As Günal Law Office, we are prepared to provide legal consultancy and service to support you in resolving problems arising from the area of Trademark and Patent Law.