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Nov 21, 2010

Real Estate Law

Real estate law appears as an essential part of property law which is regulated under the Fourth Book of the Turkish Civil Code. Within the framework of this area of law, a person's power of disposition, power to use and power to benefit over property are clarified and these powers are protected by law as real rights. Being under the absolute rights, real rights can be asserted towards everyone.    

Beside absolute rights, majority rights are also regulated within the scope of property law. Majority rights are contractual rights and can only be asserted between the parties of a contract. Pursuant to the power of disposition, the real right holder can provide third parties majority rights through a legal transaction.

Real estate law is a prominent element of property law and generates the major part of disputes arising from this area of law in Turkey. Primary transactions and cases that could be encountered in the area of real estate law are as follows:

  • Actions for land registration and annulment of registration
  • Action for prevention of confiscation
  • Expropriating and confiscating without expropriating
  • Action for elimination of joint ownership
  • Action for evacuation
  • Action for adequate pay Action for preemption
  • Mortgage transactions
  • Legal transactions regarding transfer of real estate
  • Preliminary contract for sale
  • Construction contract
  • Construction contract in return for flat
  • Leasing contract
  • Issuing of management plan

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